Literature on the ICF

The overview leads to journal articles in English and German, research papers, case study guides, discussion papers and more on ICF.

Theoretical basis of the ICF

Literature on the theoretical basis of the ICF. This concerns the ICF's underlying school of thought, fundamental issues relating to the ICF and theoretical approaches.

ICF in review articles (Reviews)

Review article with reference to the ICF. Literary appraisals and analysis of literature on the ICF in specific fields of application.

ICF core set research and development

Contributions that deal with the ICF core set research and development - from the development of the first core sets right up to the inspection of their validity and reliability.

ICF application in clinical pracice

Literature on the ICF implementation and application of ICF based instruments in clinical practice.

ICF in vocational rehabilitation

Literature on the interpretation and application of the ICF in vocational rehabilitation fields of work.

ICF practical aids

Practical guidelines which when working with the ICF in practice, assist as working aids.

ICF literature on diseases and disabilities

Publications on the ICF in the context of diseases and disabilities.