Keyboard Operation

It is possible to navigate with the keyboard through all the pages (contents and functions). Press the tab key and jump / move through the website, directly from link to link on the current page, or through all of the content and further controls on the page. The currently selected item on the website is always visually highlighted. If you would like to select the currently highlighted item, you can confirm this by pressing the ENTER key.

The so-called jump links are visible via the Tab key. These enable easier movement on the page currently displayed. In order to activate such a selected link with the keyboard, also press the ENTER key.

Jump links are available at the beginning of the website, with which you are taken directly to the main navigation, to the website content or to the search entry mask. In the content area a link will take you to the top of the page again.

Overview of Keyboard Shortcuts

The digits 0 to 9 offer as keyboard shortcuts (called access keys) direct access to selected pages of this website.

By entering the keyboard shortcuts and with the subsequent confirmation of the ENTER key you arrive at the following destinations:

[Alt + 0]
[Alt + 1]
Jump to top (to the top of the current page)
[Alt + 5]
Contact (address, telephone numbers, e- mail addresses and links to a form for your questions, suggestions or complaints)
[Alt + 6]
[Alt + 8]
Jump to content of the page being currently accessed
[Alt + 9]
Legal and Privacy Policy

Note for Firefox:

In the browser "Firefox", please use the keys [Shift] and [Alt], followed by the appropriate digit, instead of [Alt].