Tips for Users with Sight Difficulties

Customize View

The REHADAT website offers you the opportunity to adapt the font size, layout and contrast to your own personal needs in the area "Customize View"

  • You can change the font size by setting the page size to 125, 150 or 200 percent. By clicking on 100 percent you return to the initial state.
  • You can choose between a multi-column and a one-column page layout.
  • You can select the menu "colours" for the contrast settings between multiple settings.

Alternative: Change Browser Settings

It is also possible to adjust the font size on the browser. Most browsers offer two options: You can enlarge the entire layout (page zoom) or only the text of the website (text zoom).

  • In order to increase the entire layout, select in Internet Explorer from version 7 in the menu item page > Zoom, the desired value, or alternatively press the [Ctrl] key and the [+] key or [-] key.
  • In Firefox you can increase the entire layout via the menu option View > Zoom, without activating the option "Zoom Text Only".
  • In Internet Explorer from version 7 you will reach text zoom via the menu option Page > Text Size.
  • In Firefox, if you only want to zoom the text in the menu option View > Zoom, select "Zoom Text Only".
  • Alternatively, you can use the [Ctrl] key and the [+] key or the [-] key.
  • In Safari, you increase the entire layout with the menu item View > Zoom, alternatively again with the [Ctrl] key and the [+] / [-] keys. To zoom in on the text, select the menu option View, select "Zoom Text Only".
  • Opera and Chrome only offer the possibility to increase the entire layout of the website.

The colours can also be set on your browser. All contents of the REHADAT website are readable even in user defined colours.