d Activities and participation

Activity is the execution of a task or action by an individual. Participation is involvement in a life situation. Activity limitations are difficulties an individual may have in executing activities. Participation restrictions are problems an individual may experience in involvement in life situations.


d1 Learning and applying knowledge

  • Purposeful sensory experiences (d110-d129)
  • Basic learning (d130-d159)
  • Applying knowledge (d160-d179)
  • Learning and applying knowledge, other specified (d198)
  • Learning and applying knowledge, unspecified (d199)

d2 General tasks and demands

  • Recreation and leisure (d210)
  • Undertaking multiple tasks (d220)
  • Carrying out daily routine (d230)
  • Handling stress and other psychological demands (d240)
  • General tasks and demands, other specified (d298)
  • General tasks and demands, unspecified (d299)

d3 Communication

  • Communicating - receiving (d310-d329)
  • Communicating - producing (d330-d349)
  • Conversation and use of communication devices and techniques (d350-d369)
  • Communication, other specified (d398)
  • Communication, unspecified (d399)

d4 Mobility

  • Changing and maintaining body position (d410-d429)
  • Carrying, moving and handling objects (d430-d449)
  • Walking and moving (d450-d469)
  • Moving around using transportation (d470-d489)
  • Mobility, other specified (d498)
  • Mobility, unspecified (d499)

d5 Self-care

  • Washing oneself (d510)
  • Caring for body parts (d520)
  • Toileting (d530)
  • Dressing (d540)
  • Eating (d550)
  • Drinking (d560)
  • Looking after one’s health (d570)
  • Self-care, other specified (d598)
  • Self-care, unspecified (d599)

d6 Domestic life

  • Acquisition of necessities (d610-d629)
  • Household tasks (d630-d649)
  • Caring for household objects and assisting others (d650-d669)
  • Domestic life, other specified (d698)
  • Domestic life, unspecified (d699)

d7 Interpersonal interactions and relationships

  • General interpersonal interactions (d710-d729)
  • Particular interpersonal relationships (d730-d779)
  • Interpersonal interactions and relationships, other specified (d798)
  • Interpersonal interactions and relationships, unspecified (d799)

d8 Major life areas

  • Education (d810-d839)
  • Work and employment (d840-d859)
  • Economic life (d860-d879)
  • Major life areas, other specified (d898)
  • Major life areas, unspecified (d899)

d9 Community, social and civic life

  • Community life (d910)
  • Recreation and leisure (d920)
  • Religion and spirituality (d930)
  • Human rights (d940)
  • Political life and citizenship (d950)
  • Community, social and civic life, other specified (d998)
  • Community, social and civic life, unspecified (d999)